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Empowering families and nurturing communities through support for single parents and fundraising for Mother’s Day.

Enriching Education

Providing essential school supplies through back-to-school events, and treating Teachers, Principals, and JPs for their hard work and dedication.

Celebrating Children & Supporting Fatherhood

We bring joy to children in schools throughout Jamaica while also showing our appreciation for fathers through our special Father’s Day fundraising event.

Team Appreciation

To express our gratitude for their exceptional efforts and unwavering support, we treat our dedicated team members to lunches, recognizing their vital role in bringing positive change to Jamaica’s communities.

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Founded by Herma Dawn Rochester, established on June 16, 2011, the foundation focuses on providing financial aid and educational resources to single parents in Jamaica, ensuring their children have access to quality education.

Now led by Herma Dawn’s daughter, Sandra Cottrell, and a dedicated team. The foundation has been passionately fundraising since 2016, actively engaging with communities to create a meaningful and lasting impact.

Your generous contributions can help carry Herma Dawn’s legacy and positively transform the lives of those in need.

  • Single Parents Assistance
  • Educational Development Campaign
  • Student Rewards and Celebrations
  • Team Members Recognition

Transforming Lives Through Action

The foundation supports the less fortunate, offering vital assistance and care.

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